Brad Beman is a thriving entrepreneur and he has initiated the esteemed and very popular Brad Beman Scholarship award. He is extremely firm as far as his commitment is concerned to the assistance of talented, young, and bright students who face huge challenges to pursue higher education. That is because they do not come from well-to-do backgrounds.

The Brad Beman Scholarship is a financial aid scholarship for the most meritorious and high performing students with a penchant and flair for writing essays. The final winner of this popular scholarship program should pen an engrossing, persuasive, and elaborate essay on the subject, How Artificial Intelligence Helps Entrepreneurs to Overcome Business Challenges and Benefit from the Same? Brad Beman is cognizant of the problems poor students face, who have financial constraints, as the cost of higher education is quite high in the United States and impossible for the middle-class to pay.

Brad Beman is the type of business leader who came up with this amazing scholarship idea to assist poor students in the country to realize their educational goals and stand out from the rest. He offers this scholarship as a gift-aid that comprises $1,000, which is the only payment for the most talented and deserving candidate pursuing higher education in a university or for that matter a college. Brad Beman is popular for his helpful and sympathetic approach. He is dedicated to the welfare of the talented students opting for higher education in America.


The candidate should fulfill some precise requirements when he or she applies for the Brad Beman Scholarship. The student must be the most deserving and talented candidate to grab the prize money.

The candidate ought to be in a high school or some college that’s affiliated to an American college or university.

The aspiring and deserving student must be a freshman, sophomore, and junior enrolled now at a recognized university or college.

The Brad Beman Scholarship requests the students to compose and submit an essay on the subject, How Artificial Intelligence Helps Entrepreneurs to Overcome Business Challenges and Benefit from the Same?

Important Instructions

The Brad Beman Scholarship award will be offered to a candidate as per the assessment of the essays submitted and sent to Brad Beman.

Amount: The successful student will become eligible for a prize award of $1,000.

Deadline: April 1, 2021

  • The essay submission together with the applications for the Brad Beman Scholarship would continue until April 1, 2021.
  • The final winner would be intimated through an email on April 15, 2021.
  • The name of the final winner would be displayed on

Process of Application

The student needs to submit his or her application including the essay via email with a simple Word document attached to the same email at info@

Furnish the Following Information

First/Last Name

Phone Number

Mailing Info

Email Address

Date of Graduation (YYYY.MM.DD)

The university or college you joined and accepted or planning to enroll and join

Choosing the Final Winner

Both performance and merit will be taken into account to decide the winner of the prize money. The most deserving candidate will need to undergo an assessment process as per the essay written. The ultimate winning candidate will get intimated via email on April 15, 2021. The prize money would be sent to that candidate’s bank account.